Empowering Teachers Online

A social learning platform for language!

Engage your language students with speaking exercises using voice recordings. Test their comprehension with quizzes and dictation. Track results on student progress and participation.

How It Works.

Colango allows you to make engaging language exercises for your students!

Facilitate Learning

  • Train your students’ listening skills with dictation.
  • Assess their understanding with quizzes.
  • Engage your students to speak with voice recording.
  • Students can convert your content into flashcards.

Track student progress! 

  • Track student participation with simple reports.
  • Detect difficulties in listening skills with dictation results.
  • Detect gaps in comprehension with quiz results.

Teachers testimonials

Read about how teachers use Colango
Sylvain Vachon
"Colango allowed me to make my course portable, and it allowed my students to record themselves speaking the language outside of class."
Angela Ye
"Students can finish their homework faster and enjoy it more!  There is much less late homework than before"
Matt Drury
"If you haven’t really delved into using Colango then you’re missing out in a big way! I don’t want to be without it now."
Colango was established 2014 in Seoul with the mission to empower language teachers online.